This Week in Upgrades: October 17


And we’re back!…

What’s your EQ? Fast Company details why emotionally intelligent people are successful.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, real-life Marty and Doc, take stock of how 2015 turned out in the real world compared to the Back to the Future one.

Speaking of which, it’s egregious we don’t have a hoverboard, and they’re just mocking us by making this ad.

Your monthly global warming reminder: This September was the warmest September we’ve ever had.

These photos are truly scary, and they have nothing to do with Halloween.

Whatever your party convictions, it’s hard to deny that the Democratic debate was quite substantive. We need some more substance in American politics.

The BBC asks a question I’ve been wondering myself: Will emoji become a new language?

Satire at its best: Artisanal Firewood.

I liked The Martian but didn’t love it, and couldn’t put my finger on it until I read this.

A real headline, and probably not one-of-a-kind: “2-Year-Old Boy Tragically Drowned in Pond While HIs Mom Was on Facebook.” Very sad.

And to end on a positive note, The Next Web gives a great guide on never quitting.

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