About Eric

I live in California with my wonderful wife, Amy. We love both the pleasures of city life (greatimage1 (1) coffee is essential) as well as getting out into fresh air in the wild.

We’re working through all of the National Parks of the United States one by one. If you have a favorite I’d love to talk about it.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of Wisconsin. That foundation has enabled me to continuously question what I know and assume, read and study like the huge nerd that I am to learn more, and delve headfirst into life’s most meaningful questions.

At the same time, none of that means anything if it remains too abstract and disconnected from real life, so I also make sure to stay grounded through plenty of indulgent Netflix watching, yoga, being a foodie, laughing at m
y geeky tendencies, and drinking beer with friends and family.

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