This Week in Upgrades: December 5

RIP to the understatement. Welcome to death by Internet hyperbole.”

Amazon is serious about Prime Air.

What does loneliness do to our bodies?

The health benefits of running are not hard to achieve.

The stress of holidays with family is an expectations-versus-reality problem.

Are “ultra-safe” playgrounds stunting children’s growth?

Why are end-of-year lists so popular?

The United States has an unsustainable meat addiction.

The rise of self-driving cars will likely bring an end to car ownership. I’m OK with that.

MTV wants to call the generation after Millennials Founders. No pressure. (Also, does MTV still carry that kind of cultural weight?)

“The baby market is essentially a commodity market.” Having a baby makes you susceptible to a whole new consumerist trap.

This bandage will glow green if the wound is infected.

This Week in Upgrades: November 28

Breakfast Cereal

Another year, another crazy day-after-Thanksgiving. Why is it called Black Friday?


Breakfast cereal may be in its last days.


We all poop wrong. Seriously. But there’s at least one clever way to fix it.


Why are we suspicious of kindness?


What’s the carbon footprint of a Google search or a text message?


What to make of farmed salmon


Many National Parks are even more stunning in Winter.

This Week in Upgrades: November 21


COLOGNE, GERMANY - MARCH 27 : New conveyor belt system on displa

Global hunger is about politics–not logistics.


In a long-distance relationship? How do you feel about the product Pillowtalk?


What’s up with those hoverboards? Is it on your holiday wish list?


The last 100 years of American dinners.


Making a root beer float from scratch–literally.


“We have this unsupervised drug factory in our gut. The question facing microbiologists today is how to properly tend to that factory.”


Getting angry is emotionally healthy, but we have to know what to do with our anger.


The halflife of online empathy.


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can transfer their resistance to other bacteria. Not awesome.